Our full spectrum of horizontal, vertical, ID and OD capabilities on more than 70 machines --

including state-of-the-art CNCs supported by CAD/CAM programming -- enables rapid completion of orders.

As of 2017, we have expanded into 3D additive manufacturing, making our capabilities practically limitless.

CNC Live Tool


(4x) Multi-Axis Dual Spindal: up to 21"x39"

(1x) 3-Axis

CNC Lathes


(10)  CNC Lathes: up to 25"x60"

CNC Star Machine


(1x) Swiss style Star machine: 3/8" to 1-1/4"

CNC Mills


(4x) Horizontal Mills: up to 30"x22"

(10x) Vertical Mills: up to 40"x80"

(5 machines with rotary axis)

CNC Grinders


(2x) OD Grinding:

     Diameter: up to 20"

     Length: up to 120"

State of the Art Machinery - Experienced Machinists





(6x) Lathes

     Diameter: up to 48"

     Length: up to 10'


(2x) Knee Mills

Surface Grinders


(3x) Blanchard Grinders: up to 84" dia.

(2x) Surface Grinder: up to 23"x44"

SWIS / AGS Equipment Summary:

5-axis machine.  Doosan Puma MX2100ST.

This is the full cycle of side one of the part.   The second side simply finishes the ball.  Here the stock is aluminum although the actual part is steel--which requires coolant.

3D metal printer.  3D Systems ProX DMP 300

These 4 parts took 10.5 hours to build.  The machine uses a laser to fuse (sinter) metal powder together one layer at a time.

3D metal printer.  3D Systems ProX DMP 300

This Cone took 13 hours to build.  It would be nearly impossible to build in conventional or CNC machines.