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ABOUT AAA Canlines


Hundreds of products - customized to your needs

Established in 1999, Canlines specializes in improving can-making and can-decorating equipment. With more than 700 products, we combine canning industry expertise with the manufacturing support of AGS Additive Manufacturing, SWIS and the plating services of AAA Industrial Chromium Company.

Innovative Products - Optimized Performance

Canlines maintains an inventory of more than 400 different products, each designed and built for longer wear and quicker changeovers.  Please call us to receive information on pricing of our complete line of products.

Printing Press Refurbishing - a AAA Canlines Specialty

AAA Canlines specializes in rebuilding and servicing inkers. We disassemble the main shaft and reassemble with new side frames and components. We specialize in CD2 and CMP style inkers.

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